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Lucie Lynch

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music for your soul

Lucie Lynch is a Singer-Songwriter with an angelic voice and wicked sense of humor.  Lucie weaves original music with colorful tales from Lucie's road adventures.

In Germany she studied theatre and musical at the Schauspielstudio (University of Performing Arts) in Hamburg, Germany. She wrote, produced & performed the one-woman musical called 'Gabrielle's Universe' for several years throughout Germany (the story of a neurotic secretary who marries her typewriter in search of true love), before living as a Travelpoet, out of her backpack while traveling the world.

Lucie has opened for international cult band 'Marillion', is a regular at the Yogarden Music Festival on Oahu, and plays music with many of Hawaii's most talented musicians.  

Influenced by Joni Mitchell, Ben Harper, and Joan Baez, Lucie takes her audiences on a journey through a world filled with wry observation, laughter, and beautiful music.
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by Lucie Lynch

Preview 3 songs from debut album released 2013 right here.

Listen to full album on Bandcamp or find me on Soundcloud.

Visit lucieandtheperfectwave.com to hear my band's 2014 debut album LIVE at MEDICI's.